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Jan 18

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Have you ever looked at a word, a really common word, and suddenly it appears very strangely spelled? This happened to me with the word about while I was creating an About ME Page for my blog. I looked at the word and it suddenly looked like the most absurdly spelled word I had ever seen! I had to look it up in the dictionary to reassure myself.

As a blogger, most of the time you will be posting. Posting happens (hopefully) quite often, updating you audience with new blog content. Hopefully your audience will be commenting on your posts. This is how conversations happen on blogs.

Most blogs allow you to have pages. Pages are different than posts in that they don’t change very often. Pages should have information that isn’t going to change all the time. Comments should be disabled on Pages. has a great explanation of the difference between pages and posts HERE.

All blogs should have an About Page. This is where you, the blog author, get to tell your audience who you are. You can tell as much or as little as you choose, but it’s a great way to engage your audience in your blog. If your audience relates to you, finds you interesting, they might continue to read your blog consistently.

Once you have created an about page, go ahead and make a few more pages!

MY ABOUT PAGE: Most of my blogs actually didn’t have but a blurb about me! I used the directions in the Day #3 Beginner Challenge to figure out how to actually create the page. It took me quite awhile to figure out how to actually make it appear on my sidebar! But, I am happy with the end result.

MY ABOUT CONTENT: For my content on my About Page I used the content from a professional bio that I recently created for myself. I left it in 3rd person which gives My About Page a different kind of feel. I’d be interested to know how fellow Teacher Challengers feel about 3rd person vs. 1st person!

ADDING LINKS: Once I had mastered the widget box, I forged ahead and set up some link categories and added some links, mostly the links to all of my other blogs, (a phenomenon I alluded to in my Teacher Challenge #2 post.) I love that all my blogs are actually listed in one place. It now feels like is the Bridge of my Blogging Ship.

GREAT RESOURCES: I checked out Teacher Challenge Google collaborative doc and added some ideas on it. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I added a link to it in my sidebar under the heading Great Resources.

Check out my about page:

All About ME!

What do you think of the use of 3rd person vs 1st person?

What would be the benefits of using 3rd person vs 1st person?

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  1. Carrie
    9:59 AM - 1-19-2011

    Hi Andrea,
    I think it is an interesting idea to write the All About page in 3rd person. It does read a little like a resume of sorts. It is a professional/good way to simply list some of the things, that as a teacher, you have worked on, are working on, or have achieved.
    You didn’t include photos or other media (not that you need to) but had you, I’m not sure 3rd person would have worked so well.
    I like your links and adding good resources for other teachers is always something I’ve wanted to add onto my blog.

  2. Andrea Nichols
    10:25 AM - 1-19-2011

    Thanks for the feed back. Personally, I like the way the 3rd person sounded for my edublogs About Page, just because this blog is going to be my “teacher blog”. I’m trying to stay away from photos and media from this blog, but rather use the avatar, word clouds and other such images. Thanks so much!

  3. Laurie Fowler
    2:37 PM - 1-19-2011

    I liked the 3rd Person approach. I always have a hard time writing a professional bio so I understand. I liked what you shared about what you do and who you are. Please visit my About Me page and tell me what you think.



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